to-do (or not to do?¿) lists

when you pass a specific age, you realize you’re getting closer to the real world. a couple of months ago, i had this realization. and i thought to myself 

“zainab, its time to get your shit together”

ive always been an unorganized organized person. i don’t always have my life sorted and my room isn’t always clean. but when i need to get work done; youll find sticky notes and to do lists, white boards and reminders and notepads and pens everywhere.

i know a lot of people go through the same thing and often it can cause a lot of unwanted and frankly unnecessary anxiety and stress. so i figured i could talk about how i went about it.

1. prioritize

first and foremost, make a list. figure out what it is that is most important that you need to knock off right now and get started on it.

2. research

research always helps. if you’re unsure about what it is you want to do, or even if you are sure but aren’t sure how to go about it: research. find answers, dig deeper, until you’re satisfied with what you’ve got.


3. be productive

you’re at a point in life where there’s no room for slacking. im not gonna be the person who tells you, you can’t do everything. ill tell you quite the opposite; you can do everything. if you have time to take AP classes during school hours, go for football tryouts after school, study at night and volunteer over the weekends – do it.

now dont get me wrong, im not saying overwhelm yourself. if you can’t handle the pressure, don’t. but if you’re just lazy but capable, you need to realize now’s the time, make the most of it. build up your college applications & your CV and your future self will thank you – i promise.

4. make a timetable

plan your days ahead. set goals for what you want to achieve in a day and you’ll find yourself getting ahead of your game. use printables, apps, a whiteboard or just simple paper – whatever works best for you.


5. try to have fun with it

you want your reminders to be something that catches your eye when you glance across your board. use markers, colored sticky notes – remember being productive doesn’t mean you have to be boring. if you’re starting something new, try to get a friend to do it along with you, you’ll have all the more reason to be devoted to it.

these aren’t game changers but id like to think they can make a difference. a little goes a long way; you just gotta start somewhere. 🙂

19 Replies to “to-do (or not to do?¿) lists”

  1. Do timetables really work for you? I don’t know why I just can’t seem to follow one .. like I’ll make one to de-stress but then it never works 🙈

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  2. Very well blogged . No doubt , prioritizing is essential and if we devise different ways to do tasks it becames easier and one tends to feel self -motivated . 👍

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