travel 101

im quite the oxymoron. i hate traveling but i love traveling!?

let me explain myself – i hate flying and being around unknown people and being far from home and being out of my comfort zone but i love trying new things and taking instagram worthy pictures and shopping in a new country and learning more about different cultures

to my luck i have friends and family that push me to travel whenever i get the chance and help me through the bits that i worry or get anxious over!

i decided id write a segmented post on things that could help any of you whilst you’re traveling!


the different things ill be talking about are:

  1. travel tips
  2. what to pack (necessities, while on board/in your purse, etc)
  3. how to get the most out of your trip / make your trip easier


1. make pouches!

this is my number 1 rule – ALWAYS make labelled pouches. it helps so much! i usually make a separate pouch for the following: accessories, cables, toiletries, makeup, hair ties and medicines. its always much easier to find what you need on vacation when they’re in separate pouches as opposed to all in one! it’ll save your time and the headache 🙂

2. put your clothes in sets! bonus: if you can, slip them into transparent clothes packing plastics so that you don’t get them mixed up while taking them out!

this makes choosing an outfit so much easier. you don’t have to pair a top with the same pair of jeans you’ve been wearing for the past 3 days because you don’t know what else matches, neither do you have to struggle with wondering if you left anything behind while packing and it just saves a plentiful amount of time.

3. sometimes sets don’t work because you may need to use an article of clothing in multiple outfits – that’s ok! the next best thing is rolling!

roll your clothes instead of folding them so that they take up much less space and you don’t have to haul around an extra suitcase! (trust me, a week ago i got off a 16 hour flight only to be welcomed by 2 massive suitcases because i didn’t manage my space right!) apparently, rolling also reduces the chances of wrinkles as well!


4. ALWAYS carry a portable charger!

and if you don’t have one, buy one! i can’t stress on this enough. you will always need a portable charger, no matter where you’re going; island hopping in bali, disneyland in california, a safari in africa or even a tour of the eiffel tower – all of these very memorable and exciting activities are usually long hauled and if you’re like me and like to capture all of it, it often drains quite a bit of your battery; a portable charger will save your life (and your memories!)

5. make a checklist!

this is so satisfying and calming, atleast to me!! i feel like if I’ve written it down i don’t have to stress about forgetting it or keeping things at the back of my head 24/7. it just makes your trip so much more hassle free and relaxing 🙂

6. take a few empty plastic bags! fold them and tuck them away into your suitcase!

these will come in handy more than you know. you could use them for dirty clothes, shoes, etc etc! also: take a few gift bags! if you’ve bought gifts from back home for anyone you’re visiting, you’ll need something to give it to them in! often times, we carry gifts but forget bags! so slipping a few in won’t take too much of your space & will make you seem quite prepared and thoughtful.


honestly id say take whatever you think you need, but more often than not i do see a few constants in my purse every single time! so i figured dropping them here might just help anyone who feels like they’re forgetting something!

1. chewing gum – to help with ear pressure in the cabin!

2. a glasses case/lenses case (if you wear either) – during a long hauled flight, you’re gonna wanna get some shut eye. so get something to keep your eye aid safe!

3. travel size body spray – sometimes after a flight, you might wanna refresh yourself and just prep before getting out of the airport. plus, a travel size barely carries any weight so whether you use it or not, it won’t make as much of a difference!

4. sanitizer – to de-germify before meals!

5. headphones – although most airplanes do provide them – those dont fit into your phone and sometimes you may just need to listen to your own music while you relax.



6. wipes/face spray – both do a great job at refreshing you and are especially useful on long flights so you can feel revitalized!

7. snacks – its always important to have something you can eat incase you get hungry in between meals or don’t necessarily like the food being served on flight. its always good to keep something on you to avoid staying hungry and possibly feeling ill!

8. a book (if you like reading) – it’s a good solution to passing time and serves as a good break from watching movies.

9. a charging cord/portable charger – most airplanes have sockets to plug your cord in, so if yours does, use that instead of your portable chargers so you don’t drain your charger out! charging your phone on your flight means you can use it for the whole flight and still have a full bar of battery once you’re off the plane!

10. i personally like to carry my laptop so i have my personal favorite movies and tv shows on me & also to get work + writing done. but for those of you that don’t need to get anything in specific done and aren’t picky with what you watch, you can pass on this one 🙂


1. download your dedicated airline app to access your e-tickets, check in early, get flight updates, etc!

2. tie a colored ribbon on the handles of your suitcases so you can easily identify them at baggage claim and make sure you’ve got the right one!



3. look up phone + internet packages before you leave, either with your local subscriber or the ones in the country you’re visiting. it’ll help you get back in touch with the world as soon as you land.

4. use travel websites such as kayak, time out and more to find out the hot spots of your destination! bonus: ask your Uber driver for recommendations! you might find some hidden gems that you knew nothing about.

apps that you can download!


  1. download the (free) XE currency app for hands-on currency conversion so you don’t have to spend hours calculating in your head at the counter before you purchase something!
  2. this is gonna be a life saver – download flushd on the app store for free to find the nearest washrooms around you no matter where in the world you are!
  3. geosure is an app for paranoid people like me! geosure is a free app that tells you how safe the environment you’re in is. it takes into account: recent crimes in the area, environmental threats, any recent uprisings/protests etc.

although this post was super long, id like to think that if even one of these tips has helped anyone reading this, it was well worth it! if you’ve got any travel advice of your own, shoot me a message or drop a comment! i’d love to hear them 🙂


lastly, here are some printables to help with the process!

what i need to take

My travel trip checklist

11 Replies to “travel 101”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love traveling but hate flights too! Another thing I do is to pack an extra pair of underwear, PJs, toothbrush and a light dress in my hand luggage…this is IN the awful even that my check in luggage goes missing and you need a back up x


  2. I always pack some ziplocs and plastic grocery bags, and that has saved my bacon on a number of trips! Dirty shoes, wet swimsuits or sweaty workout clothes, protecting toiletries…the uses are limitless!


  3. I HATE flying too!! Being trapped in a metal tube for hours is my least favorite thing to do. BUT it gets me where I want to go in the most expedient manner, so I tolerate it.

    Great tips!!


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