Desert Cove – YAY or NAY?

So, not too long ago, a newly launched modest fashion brand, Desert Cove, reached out to me and wanted to collaborate. Hijab stores are quite the norm, but modest fashion stores are a breath of fresh air, so naturally, I was psyched.

After a bit of correspondence back and forth, they sent over two of their pieces!

So here’s a quick breakdown of what I thought of the items:

Initial Judgment: Shipping took a little while but was still relatively quick, loved the colors, loved the fabric but a bit of a worry that it would be very figure hugging.

What I liked:

The Fabric – The fabric is not one that sticks to your body or hugs your figure despite my initial judgment. It’s also super lightweight, which is ideal for Dubai’s weather; funnily enough, I wore it out on Dubai’s first day of unexpected rain so I was freezing! But it’s definitely a perfect fit for the weather we usually have around here.

The Color Palette – The colors were not loud, flashy or odd colors that would be a little off-putting to wear or hard to pull off. Personally, I don’t really like wearing flashy colors all that often such as yellow, orange or green. I stick to more of whites and blacks, pastels etc. So of course I was in love with their pastels and chose a blush pink and baby blue outfit from the given options.

Sizing – Although this may be an odd thing to take note of in a product, its something I marked. Often times when I order online, I’m not really sure how the sizing guide works with different companies and additionally, a lot of similar products that I had seen online seemed to hug your body thus I didn’t want to chance it and I ordered a size larger. However it fell quite big on me since it wasn’t my size, and infact I was actually quite pleased! – it was nice to know that I could order my actual size without having to worry about it being too skin tight or figure-hugging in the wrong places. Nonetheless, no harm done because I added a belt to my look that just enhanced the beauty of the outfit even more!

Pricing – The prices are quite affordable as compared to the global market for modest clothes. Ranging from AED 85-115, the price tag is appealing and affordable by the general public and people of all ages and statuses.

desert final

What I didn’t like:

Variety – Although I loved the two outfits I picked, they seemed to be the only two I actually genuinely loved. I didn’t like a few of the other items but that could be just because of my style. Additionally, there are just nine pieces up on the website which limits the choices for a customer as based on their style some might not be appealing to them, leaving them with few options to choose from. But hopefully, since it’s not been very long since their launch, their line is sure to grow!

Final Verdict: There wasn’t much to not like about this brand, they truly were a pleasure to work with and I’m glad I got the chance to. The products were soft, lightweight, pretty and versatile. They can be paired with almost any sort of accessory and any sort of addition would just enhance your look! I do hope that they add some more items to their line sometime soon though.

Take a look at their website: and check them out for yourself!


disclaimer: i wasn’t asked to write only good about them, all views and opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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