Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017

Modest Fashion Week is that one big event that’s super important and is as good as NYFW to Modest Bloggers etc.

Naturally, with it being brought to Dubz. I was thrilled. Coincidentally or not, a lot was happening the same weekend – SOLEDXB, VIDXB, and lord knows what else.

Initially, I was conflicted between where to go and couldn’t seem to make up my mind but last minute, on quite a whim actually, I chose to go to MFW.

So here’s a quick run through and breakdown of how it went:


Funnily enough, after spending a whole lot of time on my makeup – While I was walking to Burj Park, it started pouring and I couldn’t have been more annoyed!! As much as I love the rain, it chose the wrong day to visit us. All the fashion shows for the day were canceled, leaving us with just talk shows for the day. The schedule was a bit haphazard with some talk shows being an hour late but some being an hour early. Due to that – I missed the talk show I actually attended for which was From Nike to The Cover of Vogue – Why Representation Matters, featuring two people I was dying to see: Dina Tokio and Halima Aden.

As you can imagine, I was quite bummed since I didn’t get to see the talk show I came for or attend any fashion shows & thus, I felt like my day was a bit of a waste. But! It feels so surreal even talking about it; I got to meet Dina one on one and have a conversation on a personal level with her! It was super nice and she was extremely sweet. We had a chat a few times with our last conversation running for a good ten minutes or so. She was listening intently, was actually interested in the conversation and didn’t try to cut it short. She met loads of people and was probably the only celebrity guest/influencer that took her own time out to meet people. So turns out my day wasn’t a waste at all and I’m so glad I stuck around and didn’t bail early.

what i wore on day 1.

I did however, leave debating on whether or not I wanted to attend the next day. Truth be told, a major part of the reason why I attended MFW was Dina, and now that I had met her, I didn’t feel like I was going to miss out on a lot. But I realized, it’s not like I had anything better to do, so I decided to attend later in the day and go for a while.




Day 2 didn’t go nearly as well as I hoped.

So I got here at probably around 4ish if I recall correctly as I was trying to make it in time for this one talk show I was extremely keen on listening to: Investor Pitching for Your Fashion Brand. Not going to lie though, aside from just wanting to learn about it, I also wanted to get to see Habiba Da Silva. Unfortunately, she was a no-show I’m not sure why & I was super bummed!

Not long after, I made my way towards the fashion shows to attend a fashion show that was happening, only to be held back by security because there was no place. I was using the influencers & media entrance where a lot of us were held back resulting in some pretty mad bloggers and buyers. The security was super uncooperative and didn’t want to budge.

My friends, who used the general admission entrance had got in long before me and assured me there was space to get in. I made my way to the General Admission entrance only to be met by another feisty and rude security guard who only let me in because he was frustrated. After getting in, I saw quite a few front row seats empty and thought I might as well ask who they were for. Upon seeing I was an influencer, the management requested me to go have a seat and enjoy the show. I’m not really sure why the rightful entrance and designated security didn’t allow anyone in because after being seated, I spotted a good 10-15 empty seats on the opposite side of the ramp, where the influencer and media entrance was.

my outfit for day 2.

However, I shrugged it off and enjoyed my fashion show. Buuuuut, not long after, guess what didn’t happen. The massive meet and greet that was supposed to. I wasn’t disappointed that the meet and greet was canceled but moreso that there was zero information being relayed to the general public.

There wasn’t any sort of announcement or update given to us as to why Habiba didn’t show. There was no announcement as to why the meet and greet was canceled. And there were no updates on the timings of the talk shows changing.

Naturally, as you may expect by now, I wasn’t in the best of moods and even put up a little rant on my insta-stories. I hoped for so much more and had really high expectations. And whilst I do understand that such a large scale event is hard to handle and execute, some things like updates and courteous staff is a given and should’ve been the norm.

What I will however, thank MFW for is the beautiful people I met. It was definitely one of the few events that I walked into and everyone was nice, social and friendly. I made quite a few friends on a whim and I was genuinely super happy with that.

I’m hoping the next MFW will be an improvement to this, but nonetheless, I cannot wait for it!

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