A Little Something For All You Coffee Lovers

So not too long ago, I collaborated with a company known as The Dirty Lamb. Coffee being their main identity – I was already on board considering how I love coffee scrubs. And though, I don’t get around to using them very often, I wanted to check out what all the hype was about.

They sent me their Face and Body Coffee Scrub alongside their Turkish Coffee Mask .

I’ve used them a few times and finally came to an honest, fair consensus.


The Face and Body Scrub has a bit of a strong smell but works wonders on the skin. My face instantly became softer and smoother. To the point where my mother instantly told me I had a glow on my face, LOL. As someone who has dehydrated skin, the one thing that matters to me the most is soft/hydrated skin and this scrub gave me the touch of just that. Retailing at 20$ for an 8 OZ jar, I think it’s a definite steal.


Now coming down to the Turkish Coffee Mask – I had high hopes for this after using the coffee scrub however it didn’t live up to the same expectations, but that’s probably because a) I set the bar too high. b) I didn’t exactly follow the instructions correctly! c) I was unaware of what the mask was actually supposed to look like & so assumed what I was using was how it should be – WRONG! But I’ll get into that in a little bit.

So I put on the Turkish Face Mask and the label on the jar advises to keep it on for about 15-20 minutes but I’m fairly certain I exceeded that – that resulted in having patches of yellow (thank you turmeric!) left around a few areas of my face. Although none were too obvious and they did disappear in a day, I was a little worried at trying my hand at the mask again.

However, after some time I think I came to realize that I hadn’t given it a fair chance – what I failed to notice instantly was that my mask had hardened quite a bit in its jar which was one of the reasons why it was hard for me to put on; it felt more of a scrub than a mask.  I think I could credit it to its long journey from Ohio to LA to Dubai since I had it shipped to my brother. Perhaps due to the long ride, the mask may not have been in its right form.

The best part about all this is that – the website provides a ton of information on anything and everything you need to know and I wish I had seen that sooner. Aside from the usual How to Use and Ingredients, it tells you how often you should be using your product, what it treats and even some tips & tricks.

Although I’m yet to give the mask another shot, the multiple (and I mean far more than 10, I’ve done my research!) reviews have me convinced that I’m missing something. Also, I pulled out my jars to take out some pictures for this blog post & I was greeted by a much more mayonnaise-like consistency in the Turkish Face Mask jar, as assumed the mask wasn’t in its right form early on and I’m officially super excited to give it a shot once again.



I will have a follow up added to this post later and a shout on my InstaStories to let you guys know how it went.

But till then, fingers crossed!

Oh and one last thing, the Turkish Coffee Mask retails at 44$ for a 4OZ jar!

But! If you use my code “ZAINAB”, you get a 50% off your whole order. Which means your 8 OZ Coffee Scrub is just 10$ and your Turkish Coffee Mask is 22$! I don’t make any money off of the sales, I’d just like everybody to get good skincare at an affordable price!

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