My Favorite Nudes

It’s no secret I love my Nude Lipsticks.

And there’s no greater joy than adding a new one to your collection. So I thought I’d share a list of my favorite go-to nude shades!

In no specific order:

1.Sephora Cream Lip Stain – Shade 40 – Pink Tea: I think I’ve made my love for these cream stains apparent on multiple occasions and although I did say this is in no specific order, this has to be my reigning number one. The formula is non-drying, smooth and the color is just right for almost every skin tone and doesn’t leave you looking washed out or too dark or too light.

2. NYX Lingerie – Ruffle Trim: This lipstick was something I ordered from the States on quite a whim after coming across it through a google search – one of the best purchases I ever made! This is probably my everyday lipstick – it’s a nude that’s more on the pink side so it’s perfect for everyday use as it doesn’t come off too strong or dull but rather a little rosy!

3. MAC – Velvet Teddy: This is a nude I’ve wanted for a long time, the Sephora lip stain is actually quite similar to this. This is definitely my favorite MAC lipstick & pairs well with any makeup look and/or outfit.


4. Kat Von D – Bow n Arrow: I received this as a gift & I’m so glad I did because quite honestly, I never bat an eye towards it before. In KVD’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Line, I always had my eyes on shades like Lolita and Outlaw that I never really paid much attention to other variations of the same colors. I love the formula and the texture as I do with KVD but! I must say, fair warning – this does lean towards the brown side.

5. MAC – Twig: Twig is quite similar to Whirl, very similar infact but I would say the only difference is it’s got a more pink undertone. But either way, it’s a gorgeous lipstick that is so worth every cent. You need to get your hands on it and see for yourself.

6. MAC – Whirl: So this is a bit of a cheat because it’s more on the brown side but nonetheless, it’s sort of a nude right? I love MAC as you can tell & this lipstick is definitely one of my staples in my makeup bag.

So that wraps up my top nudes, (for now!) If you’ve got recommendations that aren’t on this list, please drop a comment or shoot me a message; a girl can never have too many lipsticks right? 🙂 x

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