My Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials

As a girl in love with Fashion, it’s safe to assume my closets are the modern day equivalent of Narnia: filled to the brim with all sorts of tops, jackets, and pants, it sometimes gets hard to find what I need.

However, putting all that aside, I decided to chalk up my top 5 wardrobe essentials. Though this was as hard as could be, here they are:

1.A good fitting pair of Jeans

Your jeans are the one pair of clothing that will take you anywhere from the moon to a slumber party. They can be your go-to when you’re lazy or your holy grail when everything else is dirty – either way, your wardrobe is incomplete without one pair of these!


2. All Black or All White Sneakers

These are classics – all black or all white sneakers can pair well with your t-shirt and jeans but also with your little black dress! They complement every outfit and are quite a comfortable alternative to heels = win-win!


3. Wide-Legged/Loose pants

On days where the sun may be boiling or you simply don’t feel like wrestling in your skinnies, these pants are your savior! I always have one pair of chic yet comfortable pants that I can throw on whenever, be it to a formal event or to the movies. Trust me on this one, you’ll thank me later!


4. Leather Jacket

Around since James Dean, the leather jacket is never going out of style incase you were thinking that so it’s time to get on the bandwagon and get yourself one. Your leather jacket could be paired with any outfit and automatically make you look more put together and attractive.


5. Black Stilettos

In black stilettos, there’s nothing you can’t do. Every girl needs to feel like she can take over the world at some point and these shoes are the perfect boost!


I’ve kept this short and to the point but by all means, please don’t feel obliged to do the same! I’d love to hear about your wardrobe essentials and the backstories behind them!

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