Does this face mask actually live up to the hype?

The Indian Aztec Healing Clay is one mask that’s been the talk of the beauty world for quite a while now.

And although it has possibly been well over a year since it first emerged into the spotlight, its praises are still being sung loud as ever.

I figured being someone that fell prey to all the hype and now religiously uses it as my go-to face mask, I’d drop a review and tell you guys how I feel about it!

For starters, it’s super easy to find – you can buy it off of Souq, Glamazle or Amazon! Now, the prices usually differ based on where you choose to buy it from and which seller – I bought mine off of Souq for roughly AED 50-60 so keeping that in mind, I’d say it’s a definite steal. Most high-end sheet masks are about AED 100+ and are just a one time use. However, my 1 pound tub has lasted me over a year and I’m not even through half of it! I’ve used less than a quarter of it and make enough for myself and at least 1 or 2 more people with every facial! So in retrospect, regardless of the price tag, it definitely gives you your money’s worth.


Now, moving on to what it does and how it works. I use it when I feel like my skin is getting rough or perhaps my pores are clogged or when I just feel like I need to have a deep clean. Every time after I’m done using it, I instantly feel like my skin is a lot smoother and my pores have been deep cleansed. It makes me feel like my face is super clean and rid of any dirt that could’ve been on it from makeup, the weather or just anything at all! Though thankfully I’m not someone who suffers from acne very much, I can’t vouch for how much it helps with reducing cystic or persistent acne. I have used it while I’ve had perhaps a pimple or two at the most and they have gone away, however that may very well be because that is the norm for me and my pimples eventually do go away after a while on their own. Though I do have a few acne scars, I haven’t had much help with that nor seen any miraculous change in their appearance but I’m not too bummed by it as I’m pretty happy with the results I get either way.

The tub reads that you can mix the powder with either water or apple cider vinegar, however, I choose the latter as I feel like it’ll be more effective. Although when I make my mask, I simply mix the powder with ACV, there are other ways to do it too! For acne prone skin, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your mixture as it contains antimicrobial & antibacterial compounds which act against the bacteria that cause your breakouts!

For normal or dry skin, you could simply add a little bit of rose water or, add some aloe vera into your mixture to give your skin a cooling effect and to feel more refreshed! Although I haven’t given this a try myself, I definitely think it’s going to become an imprinted step in my masking routine as I’d do anything to rehydrate and cool off my skin!

Overall, there are some great masks in the market and this one definitely makes it somewhere at the top of the list. You may think it’s overrated or spoken about too much, but all of it is true! It’s something you’d like to have nearby on your bad skin days. 🙂


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