Everyone needs a taste of this Cake!

I’m a huge movie buff & I’ve always truly felt Pakistani movies were so underrated and not made enough.

I don’t know what it is about them, whether it’s the streets of Pakistan, the depiction of a true homely life or their blown-out Pakistani weddings – I’ve just always been a fan.

When Cake came out, I knew I had to watch it. The trailer was practically soliciting me to book my tickets, and so I did! Not just for myself, but my entire family! Aunts, uncles, cousins – I knew this was a movie that was perfect for us to watch together. And I was right, so if you haven’t watched this movie yet, grab your family and do so! You’ll enjoy it all the more together.

There was so much to love about the movie from its script to the cinematography – but let me just get right into it!

Firstly – I absolutely loved the story-line, it was fresh, relatable and above all raw and honest. I, personally, didn’t think it was predictable at all but some quick thinkers might feel so! The script had a good mix of its emotional moments, lots of funny ones and a lot of events that give you a reality check. The plot was diverse, interesting and entertaining – the perfect ingredients for the perfect Cake.

The acting was phenomenal with all actors really becoming their characters – you could feel the emotions they felt and somehow while watching, you could probably be convinced it was a real family. The mother and father were crowd favorites for sure with their witty banter and fun loving personalities!


The cinematography was beyond gorgeous – the film was well made, had some beautiful scenes and definitely some exquisite shots. Often times, a movie can be so good but poorly filmed or just not have a good appeal to it, Cake was the exact opposite of that! I couldn’t help but appreciate the cinematography in between scenes.

As far as I heard, this was Asim Abbasi’s first major film that he directed and his debut was nothing short of outstanding. He truly set the bar quite high for Pakistani movies to follow and I am astounded to say the least that he executed the film so well his first time around. Abbasi is an example to other Pakistani directors and the industry of what magic can be created in the beautiful Pakistan. We need not bend to be like other industries like Bollywood and Hollywood, but rather, have plentiful potential within our own country.

I’m more excited than ever for Pakistani movies to come and moreso for future Abbasi films! If you’ve watched Cake, let me know what you thought!


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