Why I’ve Been MIA

The whole point of having a blog is actually writing it — something I seem to have forgotten how to do. In my defence, the past few months were absolutely crazy. But even though this is an explanation, it’s a blog post no less – so it’s a start.

My last year in high-school was god awful, not because of school itself but because of the amount of workload I had. Applying to universities is no joke – and just while we’re at it, here’s a little advice: it’s NEVER too early to start. LOL. I’m not kidding.

Long story short, I decided to take time off everything and focus all my energy into applying to universities, doing the tests I needed to do, etc, etc, etc. But now that I’ve already settled down and made the transition, I feel like I’m ready to write again.

My blog has always been a platform for me to speak about anything and everything, so I look forward to having a space where I can share how I’m coping with university life.

I’m keeping this short since I don’t have that much to say besides why I left and that I’m back! So there’s (hopefully) a lot more coming your way! Thank you for sticking by.



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