6 Netflix (Original) Shows To Add To Your List

Elite: Elite was one of those shows that I absolutely loved every second of. Think Gossip Girl but in Spanish, but not exactly. So, if you’ve watched Big Little Lies, you’ll definitely get those vibes off of it in the start. Or at least I did. But it’s far more interesting in my opinion. It follows the lives of elite and rich teens in Spain and the events that ensue after three working-class teens join their high school. Every episode leaves you second-guessing and changing your opinion on the characters, but it’ll always leave you wanting more. P.S. – the actors are gorgeous!

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Baby: So initially, the only reason I started watching this was because I finished Elite and the thought of another foreign show being as good was enough bait to reel me in. Baby is an Italian series that follows the life of an (almost) picture-perfect high-school student, and her new-found not so picture-perfect friend. Full of your typical high-school drama, popularity, cliques and ‘bad girls’, Baby is a fun and interesting watch!

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You: Creepy doesn’t cut it. As much as it sends shivers down your spine, you’re going to binge watch it within days just to see what happens in the end! If you’re even remotely a social media user, you’ve definitely heard of the show You. You is the story of a bookstore manager with an obsessive crush on a girl he happened to cross paths with; a story like you’ve never seen before and exactly why you’ll have no idea what’s coming. As creepy and messed up as it is, to some extent, it uncovers the reality of stalkers, privacy and the dangers that can come with dating someone you don’t really know.  If anything, it shows you how easy it is for someone to know EVERYTHING about you while you’ve no idea who they are.

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Selection Day: This one’s for all the cricket lovers! A family show following the lives of two brothers set out to be cricket prodigies and their overbearing dad who seems to want their dream more than they do. Set in India, the show provides a good look into the lifestyle, culture and of course, love of cricket, you’d find in the country. For all the Bollywood fans, Ratna Pathak is a familiar face to keep an eye out for!

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Sacred Games: Starring Bollywood’s Saif Ali Khan, this thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat with its unexpected twist and turns, gory crimes and unanswered questions. This is definitely not my choice of genre for the most part, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. In short, the show is mainly a mystery that follows a police inspector trying to track down an infamous crime lord and save the city as he chases the man who’s been missing for 17 years.

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Dynasty: This one’s a bit of a cheat since I started watching this long before I even knew it was a Netflix original, but still! Dynasty is that one show that’ll be your guilty pleasure. It’s your typical rich family tycoon drama that you just can’t get enough of! Scandals, family feuds, divorces, deaths – you name it, this show has it. Featuring Victorious’ Elizabeth Giles and The Vampire Diaries’ Nathalie Kelley, this show needs to be on your radar.

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