BOTM • March

I’ve decided to start a Book of the Month series, where every month I’m going to write a blog post recommending a book that I’ve read and loved!

The first book of the series is…

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before  (click the image to purchase)

Anyone that knows me, knows that this is my (most recent) favourite book! The first of its trilogy, TATBILB is a light-hearted, romantic book that will make your heart swoon and have you so engrossed in the book, you’ll find yourself wishing for a Peter Kavinsky.

While ensuring not to give away too much or include any spoilers, here’s a quick rundown of what the book’s about.

Young, rather introverted Lara Jean wrote letters to all the boys she’s ever loved but here’s the catch — she never mailed them, but instead stashed them away in a box and moved on with her life. I guess in some sense it was her way of coping with the feelings she had. Fast forward, the letters get mailed out and LJ finds herself in situations she could’ve never imagined being in and having unwanted confrontations with her letter recipients.

The book is a young adult read that focuses on more than just your typical high-school story but also stuff that goes on at home in a teenage girl’s life.


The book is written in such a beautiful way that it has you feeling as involved with the story as you could possibly be; laughing, crying and feeling all sorts of emotions alongside the characters.

I absolutely loved the plot twists and family dynamics that existed. I was also super excited because I felt like it was a fresh story and I hadn’t read anything like it before.

It’s a light, and super fast read that is SO interesting you will be itching to get your hands on the next book!

As soon as I was done reading it, I bought the second book in the series the very next day (P.S. I still love you) and the third book (Always and Forever, Lara Jean), the immediate next day.

I also proceeded to pass the books on to my aunt, who also finished them in 3 days. So trust me, if you’ve got a soft spot for YA books or romantic novels – this is the book for you.

Once you’re done reading it, you should definitely check out the Netflix film as well! It was one of the few movies that I thought did an almost perfect portrayal of the book.

Go out and buy the first book (or the whole trilogy) and let me know what you think!

Click the image above to purchase the trilogy!

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