OLEHENRIKSEN’s Banana Bright Primer – Yay or Nay?

So I received OLEHENRIKSEN’s newly launched Banana Bright Face Primer to try out and share my thoughts on. I won’t lie, initially, I was super skeptical. Despite knowing of the brand, I hadn’t used any of their products before and I doubted whether this would want to make me.

The directions say that the product “can be worn alone, under makeup or dabbed on top of makeup as a highlight.” So I decided that I’d need to try it out both alone and as a primer before reaching a verdict.

So here were my thoughts!

As a primer

First impression: A little goes a long way, it leaves a soft, glowy undertone that leaves your skin looking healthy and dewy.

Endurance: Definitely found that the dewy undertone stays all day and my skin felt great even after I took my makeup off.

Final verdict: It works great as a primer. It does leave your skin looking a bit bright and oily once you take it off, but that could just be because of my own skin type. I thought it made my skin look plump and healthy and I absolutely loved that. My skin doesn’t feel dry or worn out after a long day of make-up which is a refreshing change.


On its own

First impression: It definitely makes your skin look dewy and gives it a natural highlight.

Endurance: Honestly, I will say because of how bright it is, it may eventually make your skin look oily throughout the day. So I’d probably only use a small amount and go easy.

Final verdict: I was especially skeptical to see how this would work on its own, but I’m pleasantly impressed. I love that I have something that can be my go-to on days I don’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup, and that requires minimal effort.

On the whole, I’m a fan. The fact that it works on its own and as a primer has me sold. The fact that it’s enriched with vitamin C makes me feel more inclined towards it as well since then I don’t feel as bad about having a full face of makeup on all day. I do think I will look into the brand and at the very least, check out the products in the same line.

If you’re looking to buy it, it’s available at Sephora or directly on their website.

Note: I was sent this product for free for testing purposes, but am not obligated to write a good review.




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