The Scarlet Dream

Growing up, my friends have always called me Andy. They say one day – I’ll be just like her, working at a fashion magazine in New York City. And I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the dream. Writing. Fashion. New York. All things I love in one place? How could I possibly not?

It’s no secret I absolutely love The Bold Type. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted to see in a TV show. It’s everything I’ve secretly hoped for in the back of my head brought to life. I love the Devil Wears Prada just as much as the next girl does; but the Bold Type takes it a notch higher. Jacqueline, unlike Miranda, is the editor that’s always there for her team. The editor that is your friend, not your worst nightmare. In truth, that’s something I always felt TDWP lacked. Sure, an evil boss is a good touch and a good laugh; but truly, in the real world – it’s just distressing and anxiety-inducing.

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We live in a world where it’s rare that women have a safe space. To talk. To create. To curate. To just simply – be. Scarlet Magazine is the embodiment of everything a magazine should stand for and depict – body positivity, race inclusiveness and so much more.

I mean this with little to no exaggeration, after I finish watching an episode of TBT, I feel a rush of motivation to get up and do something. To make a list, a game plan; anything that will help me reach the goals and dreams that I have for myself.

I cannot put into words how much I wish a show like this existed years ago. Truth be told, I can’t sing its praises enough! TBT balances the perfect amount of work, love and friendships. It’s your perfect chick flick, but except in this — the only difference is the girl is her own hero: taking New York by storm.

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TBT is a breath of fresh air, it shows the start of a new era. An era that celebrates women, allows them to succeed on their own and gives them the opportunity to be equals.

I am unsure about a lot of things in life – where I will end up, whether I will actually create an impact and whether I even stand a chance at achieving my dreams. But TBT gives me hope. It gives me inspiration. And it gives me the push I need to keep going.

If you’re anything like me, please give this show a chance. Watch one episode and I promise you will be hooked from the get-go.


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