My Favorite Purchase Till Date

I love surprises. I love gifts. I love makeup. I love shopping. The closest thing you can find that will incorporate all of the above is a subscription box. Therefore, I love subscription boxes!

While I’ve tried my hand at a fair share of them, it’s safe to say none have particularly stood out to me. Until now!

via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page

While browsing through Facebook, I came across a sponsored advertisement; now normally, I’m quick to skip over those but this specific one was hard to look away from.

It was an ad that revealed 3 out of an 8-item subscription box and that was enough to have me sold.

CAUSEBOX is a subscription box that provides ‘a seasonal delivery of 6-8 hand-curated products for women.’ What’s even better is that ‘every product has a story and makes the world better.’ Essentially, this means that for every item in your purchase, someone somewhere in this world is getting the help and support they need.

image courtesy of causebox

Now, don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t compromise the quality or promise of the box whatsoever because they don’t necessarily include big brands. In fact, I found that the box had so much more meaning to it because the items were so uniquely curated.

I think I can say with certainty that this has been one of those purchases that I feel zero regret spending over.

The first three items that were revealed before I purchased the box were:

  1. Megan Portfolio Clutch from Glass Ladder & Co.
  2. A silk scarf from Cleobella

    via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page
  3. Luxe Charm Bracelet from Marina De Buchi
via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page

The Megan Portfolio Clutch was the main product that caught my eye. I was about 80% sold just because I wanted to get the clutch! The original price of the clutch is 120 USD whereas you could get that and 7 other items for 49.95 USD!

For someone who travels a lot, it’s important I have everything I need in one place. It’s also important that I don’t spend every second wondering where what is. The Megan Portfolio Clutch seemed to be the perfect solution to my problems. With a million different pockets, you can fit  E V E R Y T H I N G in there! There’s a slot for your passport, business cards, pens and so much more. The very best part? There’s a slot for your 13-inch laptop – no more lugging around an extra laptop bag!

The rest of the box was nothing short of lovely – I can confidently say that I will use everything I received. And the fact that it was definitely a bang for my buck makes it all the more enjoyable. I don’t even remotely feel like I’ve wasted my money.

In case you were curious, here’s what else was inside the box with their descriptions as seen on the website:

  1. Elixir Toning Mist from KÁLOS – A natural and organically derived toning mist that donates a percentage of every sale to girls education programs! (22 USD value)

    via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page
  2. Bamboo Lyocell Sleep Mask from Ettitude – An extremely sustainable solution for perfect beauty sleep. (15 USD value)

    via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page
  3. Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask from Cosmedix – A two-in-one exfoliating scrub + deep cleaning mask — made by clean skincare pioneers. (54 USD value)

    via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page
  4. French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge from Wyld – A beautiful, plant-based, vegan, and biodegradable exfoliating facial tool. (16.90 USD value)

    via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page
  5. Macrame Plant Hanger from Altru* – This gorgeous and versatile pot and plant hanger can also hold a fruit bowl in your kitchen! Proceeds from this product went to plant 8,000 trees in parts of California that were damaged by recent wildfires. (15 USD value)

    via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page
  6. Art Print from Alja Horvat – This original art print doubles as a postcard! (10 USD value)
via CAUSEBOX’s facebook page

On the whole, this box was a joy to receive and I can’t wait to purchase boxes for all the other seasons!

Visit this link to check out some of their boxes from previous seasons!

*Check out this blog post from CAUSEBOX that talks about the benefits of having houseplants!


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