One Down – Three To Go

As I sit in my ∼real∼ home in sunny ol’ Dubai, it’s still weird to think I’ve finished my first year in university.

That’s not to say it was a breeze, I’m just a little astounded it happened so quick! Life in Toronto was fast-paced, much of life was: study, work, see your friends, sleep, repeat. While I’d like to say it wasn’t monotonous, it definitely had a tinge of monotony to it.

But now that I’m done, I feel like I can finally sit back and relax, but also reflect.

University was just another one of those things I thought I could read up on, do all my research and walk into 100% prepared. But boy, was I wrong!

If there’s anything I could’ve said to freshman me, all I would say is: stop trying to figure it all out. Stop trying to plan it all out. Stop trying so hard to be ready. It’ll all happen on its own and you’ve just got to go with it.

My first year taught me a lot: 1) I beat myself up a lot because truthfully, I’m better than I think I am. 2) I also overwork myself. A lot. 3) Contrary to popular belief, you CAN’T do it all. 4) There will almost always be a bad apple in every basket of apples so just learn to deal with it.  5) Most importantly, you will find some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Friends that will understand how much you miss home and always be there to talk you through getting past it together. Friends that will run to Shoppers to get you medicine and bananas when you’re sick. And friends that will take your makeup off and put you in bed when you’re too tired to do it yourself.

I’ve also learnt how important family and being home are to me. I’ve learnt that I’m more of a softie than I’d like to admit. And I’ve learnt I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Being in a new environment taught me things about myself that I would’ve never discovered otherwise, all of which I’m so thankful for.

With one year down and three more to go, I can genuinely say I’m a changed person. And I know for a fact that with every year that passes, I’ll be a changed person once again.

For the first time in my life, I think I can finally say change is good. In fact, it’s freaking great. Because change is a more confident, happy, independent and care-free me. And that’s a person I see achieving all her dreams. That’s a person I’ve always aspired to be. And most importantly – that’s a person I love.


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