A Look Inside FabFitFun’s Spring 2019 Box

As we’ve already established, it’s no secret that I love subscription boxes! So here’s a blog post talking about another recent purchase I made, its contents and my verdict!

Moving to Canada meant being able to order all the things that I couldn’t in Dubai and one of those things was the FabFitFun box that has built quite the name for itself in regards to the subscription box world.

The first season that was up for grabs was the Spring season so I decided to commit the deed and place my order! You get a box of 8 full-sized items for USD 49.99 and a guarantee that the contents of your box will be worth more than USD 200.


After signing up, you complete a quiz to share your preferences with them, which in turn helps them decide what goes in your box and what doesn’t. Spoiler alert: I don’t even think they read it! The ONE thing I put ‘Hate It’ for – I got in my box, so that was a bit of a bust.

You then have the opportunity to either customize a few items in your box or let the whole thing be a surprise. I didn’t want to risk getting a box I hated entirely, so I decided to customize what I could. While I do love surprises, I also saw some products in their ads that I really wanted to make sure I got!

The first customizable option was picking between the following three products:

  1. Unplug Meditation Aromatherapy Diffuser (USD 55 retail value)
  2. Show Me Your Mumu Brie Robe (USD 85 retail value)
  3. Deux Lux Demi Pack (USD 75 retail value)

I chose the Unplug Meditation Aromatherapy Diffuser because I’ve always planned on picking one up but never got around to it. Additionally, I wasn’t keen on the other two items whatsoever so it just seemed like my best bet. I haven’t opened it yet since I was coming back to Dubai soon after the delivery was made so I didn’t see the point in opening it up just to use it for a few days. But I will say I’m super excited to try it out!


The second customizable option allowed me to pick between the following four products:

  1. Quay Australia My Girl in Black/Smoke (USD 55 retail value)
  2. Quay Australia Vivienne in Black/Smoke (USD 60 retail value)
  3. Sunnylife Lovers Picnic Set in Malibu (USD 30 retail value)
  4. Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial (USD 48 retail value)

I really wanted the My Girl sunglasses but unfortunately, by the time I got around to customizing my box, they were out of stock. So I decided to go with the Vivienne sunglasses. While I was afraid it would be too big for my face, I’m glad to say I was pleasantly surprised and I quite like them!


The third and final customizable option were the following three products:

  1. Giadzy Copper Plated Measuring Spoons (USD 20 retail value)
  2. Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot (USD 19 retail value)
  3. A mystery item! (minimum USD 20 retail value)

I decided to go with the mystery item since I wasn’t a fan of the other two items at all. I ended up receiving R+Co’s GLITTERING Smoothing Shine Spray! (USD 29 retail value)


This definitely was something I was happier to receive as opposed to the other two options, but not the most ideal since I wear a headscarf. It’s a great product nonetheless and perfect for private occasions where I don’t cover my hair! I will say though, that people in the US did receive a Cover FX shimmer veil which I would’ve absolutely loved so I’m a little bummed about it, but I did get a better mystery item than most Canadian subscribers did – lots of them ended up receiving a silicon makeup sponge, which I would’ve hated!

Next up, annual subscribers could pick between the following options as well, but I wasn’t ready to make that commitment yet, so I decided to just hope for the best! Another spoiler alert: I did not get the best. Not even close!

The first three products that I could’ve potentially received were:

  1. TULA Purifying Face Cleanser (USD 28 retail value)
  2. Daily Concepts Daily Detox Brush (USD 18 retail value)
  3. EleVen by Venus Jump Rope (USD 15 retail value)

As someone that is huge on beauty and skincare, I’ve far TOO many cleansers and so I definitely did not want to add another one to my pile. Since I was just getting into a good fitness routine, I would’ve liked the jump rope. But I would’ve been equally happy to receive the brush instead! But of course, I ended up receiving the TULA Purifying Face Cleanser out of the three. While I was upset to receive it, it seems to be a popular item that most people were on the lookout for so I figure it can’t be all bad.


The second set of products that were up for grabs were:

  1. The2Bandits™ Athens Necklace (USD 30 retail value)
  2. Ciaté London Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder (USD 22 retail value)
  3. S’ip by S’well bottles – patterns/colours chosen at random (USD 20 retail value)

Having just lost my water bottle, I was praying real hard to receive the S’ip by S’well bottle so it would save me the trouble of having to go buy a new one. But bearing in mind the possibility that I wouldn’t get the bottle, I would be okay with receiving the setting powder since I never seem to have a problem with expanding my makeup collection. But alas, once again – I received the one product I didn’t want: the necklace. What seemed off to me was the fact that I specifically wrote that I ‘hate’ receiving necklaces in my preferences when creating my profile, yet I still received it! This will be of absolutely no use to me, and I’ll probably toss it in the back of my drawer or give it away.


Lastly, all subscribers would receive the following three products in their boxes no matter what:

  1. Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Scrub (USD 24 retail value)IMG_9532
  2. OUAI Leave In Conditioner (USD 28 retail value)IMG_9498
  3. dr. brandt skincare needles no more NO MORE BAGGAGE  eye de-puffing gel (USD 42 retail value)IMG_9518

Like I mentioned, I have far too many skincare products and was not looking for more so I wasn’t the happiest about the charcoal scrub but I don’t hate it either. I was glad to finally try out an OUAI product as I’ve always meant to give the brand a look but somehow never did. Lastly, dr. brandt is a renowned brand that I’ve heard great stuff about, and while I don’t have much of a need for an eye de-puffing gel, I knew it would be something my mom would like – so it worked out pretty great, anyway.

On the whole, my box had a retail value of USD 277.95 even though it didn’t seem like it to me. I do think I got a bang for my buck since I paid less than I would for just the sunglasses alone, for a box of 8 full-sized items. But I don’t think I would subscribe to one of their boxes again until there are a few guaranteed products that I really want. I do think you have a few good finds with the box, but that just wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t happy with the majority of my box, and so I probably won’t go back for more.


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