Fat Is Not A Bad Word

We’ve become so accustomed to hearing the word ‘fat’ as an insult, or a derogatory term – that we don’t even stop to think what it actually means.

Fat, is an adjective. It is a word, used to describe someone or something. It is not necessarily a bad word. It doesn’t have to be a bad word. It shouldn’t be a bad word.

The word ‘fat’ has become a social construct to depict something that is unloved, unideal and unappealing. A grotesque image is construed by the media, the fashion industry and by society with connotations that are anything BUT nice.

It’s also as though being fat is somehow equated to being unhealthy. In every other aspect of life, people and society turn a blind eye to how an individual may be hurting themselves. Starvation and anorexia? Look the other way, there’s no help to give, it’s not a real problem. Chain smoker? Ah, no big deal! Everybody smokes.

Nobody calls out a smoker who is VISIBLY harming themselves but everyone seems to hop on the bandwagon of lecturing plus-sized individuals for simply just BEING.

Truth be told, this isn’t my story to tell so I’m doing my best to speak from a respectful POV, but I felt like someone needed to get the conversation going. I’m not speaking as an individual of the plus-sized community, but rather as an ally.

The word fat, is just a word. A word used to describe an individual. Tall, short, thin and fat. They are all just adjectives, that should have NO connotation tied to them.

We’ve ended up in a world where anorexia is such a huge problem that it has the highest mortality rate of ANY illness. Where girls begin to watch what they eat at the tender age of twelve. Where people are embarrassed to talk about their weight and dress size in fear of judgment and criticism.

People are allowed to weigh more than 120 pounds. People are allowed to be a dress size bigger than 6. People are allowed to look DIFFERENT than you.

I cannot even begin to talk about the problems with how ‘fat’ individuals are represented in the fashion industry – because that is a LENGTHY discussion, which I hope to talk about at a later date. But for now, I just thought to get the ball rolling – to throw in my two cents and to get it out in the open.

Fat doesn’t mean unhealthy.

Fat doesn’t mean any less.

Fat doesn’t mean ugly.

Fat doesn’t mean wrong.

Get over yourselves, get over your incorrect definition of the word and get over your twisted ideals of beauty.





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