It’s Okay To Take A Break

When I’m not writing, I’m freaking out about not writing. Recently, I’ve been pretty consistent with my blog posts, posting every Thursday-up until a few weeks ago when I got to Dubai for the summer. I didn’t find the time nor the motivation to write as often as I did when I was in Toronto, and that stressed the hell out of me!

I was constantly worked up over not putting up a post, not creating content and all that ish, that soon enough it was almost like a dark cloud looming over me. Definitely not what I’d like to envision my writing as.

But over the course of the last couple of years, writing for my blog has taught me a lot. Through my hiatuses, consistencies, my blog posts that banged and those that hit measly numbers- I’ve learned a lot.

I tried day in and day out to sit on my bed and let the creative juices flow, but my brain just wasn’t feeling it. It was feeling Grey’s Anatomy and so that’s what I’d do instead. Binge!

But you know what, I realized that’s okay. It’s okay to take a break.

I’ve realized I don’t need to be on my A-game all the time. It’s okay to sit back and relax. It’s okay to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and watch Love Island every night.

I got through my first year of university, and I finally get to be back home in my own bed, eating all the food I missed and hanging out with the people I love.

Summer can mean different things for different people. I’d like to think it’s a time to rejuvenate. It’s a time to soak in the warmth of home before I go back to icy, cold Toronto. It’s a time to eat dirty and stay out late, and not feel an ounce of regret when I hit the gym again. It’s a time to do crazy things and make memories I’ll remember when I’m pulling all-nighters for my finals.


So it is what it is. I’m okay with taking a break. I’m okay with choosing me. I’m okay with choosing to be happy. And I know this break will set me up stronger and ever-ready to get on my saddle again. So until then, it’s summer-time for me!


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