Hi! I’m Zainab and ShaikhaChic is a space where I share fashion trends, beauty tips, my perspectives and sometimes maybe just my life!

im a 17 year-old shopaholic living in the cosmopolitan city of dreams, dubai. my love for the fashionista lifestyle was apparent from quite a young age from playing dress up and is evident in the excessive amount of makeup i own (trust me i need all of it despite what mama may think!)

i enjoy the thrill of adventure; whether it is when im travelling across cities and cultures or fluttering around town meeting new people and making friends. at the same time i enjoy some me-time when I get it; reading and binge-watching netflix shows are my go-to treatments for self-therapy.

i use my voice to discuss issues im passionate about such as the effects of sexism, racism and the stigma attached to mental health. one day, i hope that my voice is loud enough to be the cause of some positive change in this world.

growth is an ongoing process, and Iā€™m still finding myself in this ever-changing world. so join me on my journey taking on the chic of the city. šŸ™‚